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Doctoral School in science and Engineering for "Ressources, Processes, Products and Environment" (RP2E)

18 Laboratories and research teams at the University of Lorraine and AgroParisTech ENGREF-Nancy, of 2 Research institutes (CNRS and INRA) have regrouped in the RP2E Doctoral School of resolutely transverse character, covering the entire life cycle of mineral and biological matter and energy, in the service of Man and his Environment

The sciences développed in the doctoral school increse the knowledges on natural system, origins of natural resources (raw mineral, energetic materials, water, soils, agricultural production, forestry), exploitation and sustainable management of resources, processes for the transformation and development of materials and energy, evaluation of waste materials, recycling and waste management, food and environmental safety, risk management.

The scientific and technological areas covered by the RP2E Doctoral School are the following:

  • Geosciences
  • Agronomical and forestry sciences, biology and ecology, biotechnologies
  • Product and process engineering, industrial system engineering

The industrial and professional sectors concerned are:

  • Forestry and timber engineering
  • Agriculture and food sciences
  • Mineral industries
  • Energy
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Civil engineering
  • Waste management
  • Water
  • Security

As most of the laboratories work on combined scientific and technological research, it is essential to go beyond subject-based divisions towards an integrated approach using the latest advances in each field.

The expected results of our approach are:

  • The development of scientific exchanges and synergies leading to mutual enrichment and to developing and conducting research projects with a pluridisciplinary, even transdisciplinary approach.
  • Sharing learning resources: computer equipment, libraries, analytical resources, sources of information, databases, specific equipment
  • Exchanging cultures : scientific culture, technical culture, entrepreneurial culture but also laboratory culture, such as operational regulations and organization.

The doctoral students aim to:

  • Solve major issues in the fields of Science, Technology and society. The RP2E Doctoral School proposes to respond to these expectations by leaving behind the traditional subject-based framework and placing the word “School” firmly at the centre of its concept of education both through research and in research.
  • Develop a defined philosophy and well-adapted organizational structure
  • Answer questions about their professional future and learning to better understand their professional environment