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Proposed subjects for thesis


You will find listed below proposed thesis subjects likely to be funded.  Applications must be made on-line through this website.  Applications are permitted for a maximum of three subjects.


Laboratories associated with the doctoral school RP2E have proposed subjects in the following scientific domains :

- 3 in Earth and Space sciences

- 4 in Chemistry

- 8 in Engineering sciences

- 10 in Agronomy and Ecology

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Required background and how to apply

All applicants to the Doctoral School RP2E must have successfully completed a Master degree or its equivalent with a grade comparable to or better than the French grade AB (corresponding roughly to the upper half of a graduating class) 

In all cases (French or foreign Master degree, engineering degree, etc.) the counsel of the doctoral school will examine the candidate's dossier, which must include:

  • CV and letter of motivation
  • the grades obtained for the Master (or equivalent) degree and a copy of the diploma if it is available
  • 2 letters of recommendation, preferably from the director of the Master program and the supervisor of the candidate's research project
  • written material (publications, Master thesis or report, etc.) related to the candidate's research project

Candidatures will be validated by the director of the Doctoral School after approval by the directorial committee of RP2E.

NOTE: All candidates must establish an on-line account before submitting the required documents.  This can be done by clicking on the button "Candidater" at the bottom of the description of each thesis subject.


Thesis Topics Qualifying for Grants

Download the list of theses in the following areas :

Geosciences-Chemistry-Product and Process Engineering, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Timber, Innovation-Agronomical and Forestry Sciences, biology and ecology, biotechnology 

thesis topics